Party Girl Escorts in Kuala Lumpur

Party Escort Girl In Kuala Lumpur Increasing It’s Popularity.

In recent years KL Party Girl Escort began to popping out from the advertisements of escort agency as “Event Escorts”. As commonly known to the west as black tie event escorts. However, KL party girl escort are slightly different from the western culture.

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Men dress code for event with Party Escort Girls.


White dinner jackets are traditionally suitable for a party event in hot climates, but not usually in Malaysia. Traditional black tie event features a white evening shirt – in Marcella, a slightly stiffer cotton fabric – with a bib detail and double cuffs. The shirt contain a turn-down collar (not a wing-collar) and matchable with cufflinks. The jacket are single-breast or double-breast with no vents, silk peaked lapels (or a shawl collar) and covered buttons.


Black tie event trousers should be smart with a natural taper, and (if you’re a real black tie purist) a single row of braid down the outside of each leg. As for the black bow tie itself; trendy men select one that’s proportionate to head size – to avoid a comedy clown look – and one you make up yourself rather than a ‘ready tied’ bow tie.

Tie or Bow

A man’s black tie look is usually finishes off with a white handkerchief. Match with left breast pocket and polished black shoes. Optional pieces of black tie attire include cummerbunds and waistcoats – though the two should never be worn together. Costume jewelry or simple bracelets and necklaces are most appropriate, instead of anything too bling (that’s apparently reserved for white tie).

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