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WELCOME! Fellow Malaysian and all who has an appreciation for native Malaysian Malay girls! Your search for Gadis Melayu ( Malay Girls ) is over that you have landed on this page. Base in the heart of Bukit Bintang; KL Malay Girl Escort Agency – kllocalescort.com is the only one place that you need if you are looking for the beauty of the beauties of Malay escort girl here in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Appreciation for Malay girls ( Gadis Melayu ) have been seen nation wide, as well as tourists that visit KL! Find no more as we have the mixture of the countries’ born and bred local Malay Escort Girl. The list of our KL Escort does not stop here, we have a mixture of girls from Indonesia, Pulau Java, Kalimantan and Borneo Island. One can imagine of how these girls look like, with their natural tanned skin tone and eyes that sparkle wide. All sex appealing and are willingly make a companion with you.


KL Local Malay EscortKuala Lumpur Malay Escort Agency has a very unique choices of KL Escort girls. We have provisions from Thai mix culture to Indonesian Malay, Mongolian Girls, Laos as well as the Philippines. Since our transformation in 2001 we greatly improve our escorts selection and specializes in Malay ethnicity descend escort agency. Browse through each of our escort girls you will find the selections of girls that we have are blended with Malaysian cultured background. Cheap and affordable escort girls from PJ, Subang, Damansara and up  to Johor Bahru. We have endless provision of Malay Call Girls.


WHY many men as well as tourists have such great desire for Malay women?

Malay girls often posses an identity of soft and girlish charm along with them. From sitting posture to the way they walk, they often portray beauty in grace and mannerism. It is their self born cultural nature of politeness that is acquire since birth. Many KL Escort Malay Girls display this certain beauty of characteristic that many men find it to be extremely attractive and sexy.

THE TRADITION of Malaysia’s Culture

Malaysia is rich to a multi culture, multi ethnicity who all share a unique cultural identity irrespective of traditions. Malays form the majority of the population and have their own customs and traditions that is follow by the Malay community.

Here are few interesting facts that makes a Malay girl so attractive in our eyes.

  • Children of a Malay household are strictly bound by custom traditions with total respect with obedience as a result Malay women tend to be soft spoken and submissive.
  • During working time, Malay girls often perform a 2 hours prayer that is by the laws of the country.
  • A holy and religious girl are often regard as pure and un-touch.
  • The Malay traditional dress ( the Baju Kurung ) for girls are conservative and bound by the laws.
  • It cause an opposite effect on men as they tend to imagine more and curious to see more.
  • When a guest visits a home the host greets them with the Arabic phrase Assalamualaikum which means “peace be upon you”.
  • Festive celebration of Hari Raya, the Muslims undertake a month-long fasting known as Ramadan.
  • Malays always use the right hand while eating even when they use forks and spoons. In fact, all good things uses the right hand including holding the holy book of Quran.
  • Weddings are a grand affair, it is the Bersanding where the couple is seated next to each other on a sofa called the Pelamin. This is a mark of approval and blessing. Loved ones and guests sprinkle the couple with scented water and yellow rice.
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