How To Search For A Reliable KL Escort Agency

These basics might help your source for a reliable KL escort agency.


If you have the interest in spending some quality time with an escort in Kuala LumpurPetaling JayaDamansaraSubang jaya or any part of Selangor; chances are you will be able to do it fairly easily by knowing the basics. KL / Selangor is a very vast city with almost endless possibilities of choices of escort agency.


Under Malaysia’s criminal law, it is completely legal to exchange sexual services for money and vice versa. That means as a client can not be subject to prosecution, unless it by force. Working as an escort and hiring an escort is legal. However, solicitation and running is consider outlaw.

In reality, these prohibitions are not strictly enforced anywhere but brothels are the mostly hit group. Under the guise of massage parlors, small brothels have been in operation since the Japanese occupation age and remain popular to this day. Not seen as a threat by the majority of the citizens, authorities often ignore these establishments as the law regarding them is ambiguous and prosecuting them would do more harm than good to all parties involved.

Legality of paying for sex

Nevertheless, a certain level of risk still exists (e.g. underage sex worker unbeknownst to the client) and should be used with caution. When it comes to escort agency in KL, as far as the law is concerned, they serve as a liaison between the two parties. It is much like a real-estate agency, arrangements and additional fees, including sexual services, are between the escort and the client.

Two consenting adults doing whatever they want to do, and as mentioned before perfectly legal in the eyes of the law. This is the preferred business model for everybody, including the authorities and most of the prominent escort agencies adhere to strict rules regarding age, consent and health of the escorts they represent.


With legal matters out of the way, let’s explore the workings and the backbone of the escort industry. A sprawling metropolis as it is, Kuala Lumpur is the hearth of all things. Like a powerful magnet, for centuries, it has been attracting people from far and wide offering a variety of entertainment unparalleled in the developed world. Kuala Lumpur or KL. Escort industry is no different, it is a multicultural enterprise worth billions and still expanding.

Quite different from the rest of the world, 80 percent of sex workers in London are foreigners. According to statistics, escorts from 35 different countries are registered in the city. The majority, at over 40 percent, are from /northern Asia, followed by The Philippines, Pulau Jawa, Pulau Acheh and so on.

Classes of escort girls

A significant portion which are of higher profile escorts comes from the Singapore, Australia and China. Local escorts are not being ignore, girls live and work in the capital due to the booming business of KL City. Escort service is constantly in high demand and there is always room for more.

Being a haven for migrants and asylum seekers from all over the world for centuries, a great deal of mixing took place. As a result, mixed escorts of all kinds can be found in Kuala Lumpur. The escort industry accurately reflects the cosmopolitan spirit of this great city, surely there must be a right one for anybody in this cultural melting pot.


There are several ways of getting in touch with a sex worker. The aforementioned massage parlors fall under the cheaper option with a limited selection and perhaps more suitable for those familiar with the area and a given situation. Another option is through a reputable escort agency in KL.

It is an old-fashioned way of obtaining companionship from a sex worker dating back centuries when those red light district was at the heart of the Kuala Lumpur sex service industry, reaching its peak in the 1960s and slowly declining since then. Subtly advertised with a simple sign reading “models” for instance, walk-ups are different in a way that they don’t require any prior arrangements.

Computerize advertisements

Almost romantic and reminiscent of the olden days it is now an outdated method, people have moved on and so should you. This brings us to the most convenient way of hooking up with an escort, through a KL escort agency. The quality and the range of escorts on offer is simply unmatchable. If one is looking for a particular ethnicity, hair color, fetish or any kind of specific detail, this is a way to go. Profiles include photos and usually a detailed description of the escort, body measurements, preferred sex acts and so on. There are filters to narrow down your search as the selection is vast.

That needle in the haystack once impossible to locate is now at your fingertips. The internet has transformed the escort industry in remarkable ways. You can get a woman of your dreams in total secrecy and with guaranteed discretion. We are living in a digital age, information is the key to everything. Know what you want, communicate it in advance with your chosen escort, follow the basic guidelines and there is nothing to worry about. The on-line directories are teaming with hot women, feel free to take your pick and fulfil your fantasies

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